About Auro Hotels

Auro Hotels, a successor to JHM Hotels, is Elevating the Experience in hospitality. We are a company that seeks out the positive, encourages bright thinking, and is helping to light the communities where we operate.

Our principals began JHM Hotels in 1973 with the modest 40 room Sunset Motel in Pomona, California. Over 45 years, the talented Rama family grew the business into one of the largest, privately owned, hospitality companies in the country. In 2017, the time came to put a succession plan into place, allowing the first generation to pass the baton to the second generation. The JHM Hotels’ name was retired, and Auro Hotels was born.

We view ourselves as a different kind of hospitality company. Auro Hotels is a company that is professional and visionary. We strive to bring a higher level of service and commitment to excellence to every relationship. We are grounded in sound business practices and stand on a solid financial foundation built by our forefathers, even as we seek to bring imaginative, unique and category-leading solutions to each hotel project.

Auro Hotels’ current portfolio includes 30 hotels in the United States, and two properties in India, operating under well-known brands such as Marriott, Hilton and Hyatt. In addition, there are 9 properties in the design phase or under construction, with others in the pipeline.