Auro Community Outreach and Opportunities

Giving back is at the heart of all that we do. Our outreach initiatives focuses on lending support outside of our organization, as well as within. Centered on excellence in hospitality, we truly are a team of O.N.E.

ONE – Outreach, Nurture, Encourage – We’re keeping our promises by getting involved in our neighborhoods and communities, using our time, talents and resources to meet the needs of those around us in tangible ways.

Our company is full of caring volunteers who are looking for ways to meet the needs of those around us—whether that includes spending time with kids after school, helping serve food at a local food kitchen or giving money towards a water purification plant in India. We strive to set an example within the industry, and see every partnership as an opportunity to benefit the places we call home.

Our Giving Principle – Our guiding principle of giving is 1-1-1. Annually, we strive to donate 1% of our profit; 1% of our product; and 1% of our personnel to fulfill our mission.

Our Focus Areas of Giving