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Hotel Management
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Auro Hotels Management Services

Excellence in Every Aspect

We have an intimate understanding of what it takes to own and operate hotels from over five decades of experience running them under the largest name brands in the industry. We know the attention to detail required for excellence. For us, there’s no greater feeling than taking care of other people—and no greater privilege than bringing together all aspects of hotel operations by simplifying, solidifying, and supplying efforts that truly elevate the guest experience.

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We have the experience and resources to ensure our properties run both smoothly and profitably by focusing on six aspects—our six points of light: product quality, guest satisfaction, associate satisfaction, revenue performance, profit optimization, and community involvement.

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Revenue Management

Our revenue management team crafts tailored revenue strategies designed to safeguard cash flow. We study market demand, historical data, and leverage our reputation to get competitive pricing. We also use proprietary industry insights to predict and fully realize profit potential and measure ongoing success. Our goal is to continuously grow market share and exceed RevPAR goals.

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Our success is our partners' success. We put the power of our organizational resources behind every project. Our sales teams are highly experienced, customer-oriented closers who focus on nurturing long-term relationships to drive sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

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We drive awareness, loyalty and conversion through brand marketing, digital strategy, and integrated media efforts for all our hotel and F&B properties. Our community-builders concentrate on driving revenue, evaluating analytics, and elevating customer perceptions.

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HR & Talent Development

We handle every aspect, including staffing, internal training and development, payroll, and benefits. More than that, we work carefully to create an organization-wide ecosystem that nurtures and supports every associate—first by hiring people who fit the culture, then by giving growth opportunities, and incentivizing longevity. We invest heavily in our people, as well as their futures and families.

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We balance ever-evolving consumer expectations while tackling the challenges of labor shortages, security, and the rising costs of operation in a post-pandemic era through transformational, next-generation technology systems, process optimization, and automation.

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Engineering Services

Engineering is what elevates every amenity and space to our high standards. Our reputation for owning properties longer than our peers comes down to our Engineering department handling everything, from fire protection & life safety to code compliance, facility audits, and capital projects, with excellence.

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Accounting & Finance

Cost efficient operations with strong operating margins are a hallmark of Auro Hotels. Our centralized, in-house accounting team minimizes costs at the property level and provides strong controls to protect assets through a wide range of services including accounts payable and receivable management, payroll services, tax services, auditing, and more. We maximize profitability with a transparent approach to budgeting, forecasting, and reporting while closely monitoring cash flow and market trends.